Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Home and Family

Last time I posted Gabers was just over a year old. Well since then we have had a ton of changes to our lives. First of all we purchased a house. We found a deal-steal that we couldn't pass up. I think 118k was a spectacular price and after 3 months the banks accepted our first offer. Which doesn't happen that often with a short sale.  We love our home and feel much healthier here than the old place.

Taryn is still super mom. She is a nanny full time and contributes to our family in the best way she can. I love her and can not fathom her not being in my life. We connect at a level that I cannot seem to understand. We think the same things at the same time. We love each other more than either of us can express.

Joryn is starting Kindergarten on the 12th of July. She is so smart and I love to just listen to her explain whats on her mind. In our new neighborhood she has more friends than ever. And she seems to make new ones within minutes of meeting them. She is so good with her little brother. When (not IF.) Gabe throws a fit and is being very "Terrible 2" like she is patient and simply asks us to help her if she can"t get him to calm down. We love our Bug, who is a tanned, blond beauty. And not one day goes by where she doesn't make me laugh.

Gabriel will be 2 years old in October. He has grown so much and he is extremely clever for such a young toddler. He mimics what people say and understand nearly all you say to him. He has already shown interest in potty training which just floors me because we had to really coax Joryn to even try.
As previously noted, he has hit the "Terrible 2's " hard. Definitely a firecracker like his  Mother. I think many good things will come from this little boy.

Our dog Moka, or as mo Mom calls him "Moka-Chino-Coco-Pelli.". He has adjusted to the new environment very well and (as  far as we know) he has not peed  or left large tootsie rolls on our floors. Lately he has been barking at night and my wife wants to get rid of him when this happens. But he is such a loving pup and I feel maybe we get him Neutered he will have less anxiety about being alone. We will see.

I myself am still working at a production bakery. The pay and insurance is great but the type of work is horrible. Definitely not my career choice and I am trying to move up in the company. But there are so many sneaky tricks that people do to help there buddies get the jobs. Hopefully someone will appreicate my experience someday.

Well I am seriously falling asleep sitting at the desk.

Love you all,


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shy of a year.

Seeing that many events have taken place since I have last posted on this thing, I thought I should update. My son Gabriel Richard was born in October of this previous year. He is a healthy little 3 month old and is growing at an alarming rate. He has since a sweet personality. In between his feeding and diaper changing times, he is such a happy little boy who smiles no less that 50 times a day. And now has aquired the name from his mother "Chunker". Hopefully it doesn't stick. Joryn has grown so much. She is getting so much more personality every day. Tonight when I put her to bed. She was singing to herself . "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes". I love that little girl. I never thought I would have someone adore me as much as she does. She has finally taken up potty training like a champ. After Gabe was born she completely relapsed what we had achieved previously. So for her to respond to the new ploy of rewards and saving has been spectacular. Taryn has been a supermom this last year. She has handled the lack of sleep far better than I. I am grateful for her in my life and how hard she works, (YES WORKS.)for this little family. It has been hard for her. And the fact that she didn't get a physical birthday present from me didn't help. But I tried to make her day special. Taryn I love you more than you will ever know. If it is from just talking in the bed before sleep(or nap time for me) or sitting on a kitchen chair cuddling while catching up on The Office and watching The Soup together. You are my soul mate and hope we will always remain close. I am grateful to be with someone who can still love me for who and what I am. And also for my mistakes and faults. I hope to work hard to get her the home she deserves. We have lived in this place too long and we deserve a place that we can truly can our own. I am grateful for the home we are in now but it just isn't where we feel like we can raise our children in. I have never understood depression at all until I read half of a blog about getting past suicide by Taryn's best friends mother. It gave me the perspective to see how my life compares to others and see that my trials were specifically designed for me. I have to stop my habit of thinking negatively and procrastination . I truly feel like it has hindered me in the progression of my career. If I can defeat these foes. I know success in a professional matter will be a simple matter due to the fact that my mind isn't cluttered with mindless, worthless, and meaningless thoughts. My desire is to be financially independent. I want to retire early and be a philanthropist. Give to those who really need help. I have always been the giving type, and I feel that it is what I have been designed for. I need to think less of "if I had millions of dollars" and more of "I have millions of dollars in the ether waiting for me to provide the useful service I am designed for. " So hope that many people may understand that Desire is the secret to being successful in all aspects of life. I love you all. And hope my close family can forgive me for my procrastination. No More!!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010


Its seems amazing that this much time has occurred in such a alarming way. It feels like yesterday I was a lonely fool who dated Psycho-Crazy Females and had nothing really besides my family (parents, bro's and sisters). To envisage the unhappy lump I was before makes be appreciate even more who and where I am now. My appreciation of the wonderful women(a women, only one please) that I married grows day by day. She makes our house a home and raises our beautiful daughter to be a great big ball of independence. She was born the day before the 4th of July.

Nothing could ever have prepared me for the happiness and fustration that I have felt in the last 5 years. And I would do it all again, my life without my loves would not be much of a life at all. Taryn keeps me in check and I swear she was meant to be mine just for her incredible memory. I love you Taryn! And I appreciate all that you achive for this small meager family. Joryn loves you to. You know that she loves her Daddy alot but their is a special place in her heart for you.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

"Heaven isn't as far as you think, just look into your soul-mates eyes!"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jeff's Thoughts and Random Ramblings

Taryn threatened me with violence if I didn't update the blog. jk. Anyways, alot of things have happened since the Joryn's birthday update. I got a new job, with help from my big bro. Its a production job at the Smiths(Kroger) Bakery. It has been two months now I really like the amount of personal time that I have with my family. After 6 months I will get a raise and I will be going back to school. My wife has been the best support for me during this transition. And I feel that we are closer than ever because of it.

Taryn has began to Nanny a little newborn baby named Issac. Her mother's neighbor needed someone as soon as she ran out of time off. They adopted him 2 months ago and so it has been interesting adjusting to having another little person around. Taryn really likes taking care of children. She is a natural at raising Joryn. Plus this job allows her to be able to have her around.

Joryn has been growing both physically and mentally. She amazes us everyday with the things that she says. The other day she told Taryn, (while holding a diaper) "Mommy I Stink". She does have a strawberry milk addiction, we can hardly get her to drink regular milk. Maybe an intervention may be in store. While at her Grandma's house this week she got hooked on "Mickey Mouse Club House". She'll watch it all day if she could. But I would assume she will get bored of it like she has with "Curious George".

Life is wonderful, and wasting time wishing for what you don't have is a poor decision. It eventually consumes you and the opportunity to have a better life passes you by. I have struggled with this many, many times. Its like swimming in a stagnant pond instead of a clean flowing river. The muck from the bottom gets all over and soon it gets unpleasant to be in. But do you just accept that "it is the way it is". Some out of habit become immune to the muck, instead of uprooting yourself from the buildup and starting new.

I have always been the type to make my own mistakes instead of following the example of those who have been there. And not a day goes by that my wife says to me, "I told you so". She does have an incredible common sense about most things. Only I can improve myself. I could of months and months ago found a new job. But I was in what I call a "Mental Mud Pit". I really did not like my job but I wasn't taking the necessary steps to finding a new job. And it took my incredible Brother to softly SHOVE me in the right direction, and my wife to give me the final KICK. (I still have the bruise. jk) She received divine inspiration that taking this job is the right step in our lives. And that is something that I will not ignore.

I am blessed with a Wife and Daughter who daily give me love and happiness that I desired to find for so many years. When Taryn and I were dating we decided to pray together. And that moment it was revealed to me that I should marry her. It was unlike any feeling I had ever had before. It wasn't a voice, it was a direct prompting from above.

And I am grateful for my Soul Mate, Daughter, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, and my Dog in my life. And it last yet not least for the Gospel, and its presence all around.

Thank you again to our family's for the great people and examples that they are.


Jeffrey Richard Sawyer

p.s. Taryn and Joryn says "Hi".

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Joryn's Birthday and other stuff.

Pudgy Monkey cakes by Taryn. lol!!!


It seems like a million things have happened since the last update. Joryn is an official two year old. She really enjoyed herself. She picked up quickly on the opening presents and candle blowing skills. The later today she is having a party with the Sells side of the family. She is such a loved little girl.

And the ever so light "KALLIDOG".

We painted the kitchen one week ago, and we still have to finish the cupboards and fix up the drawers. But we are excited because it makes our home feel lighter and open. In Joryn's room we painted a bed table and placed a small TV inside with plexi-glass over the front. Joryn really enjoys watching her movies(Wall-E, Cars, Wall-E, Ratatoullie, Nemo, Nemo, and Wall-E) on it.

In the pictures below. Joryn found a sharpie and decided to color herself and our couch.

When we were watching Kallidog for Mom and Dad, Joryn kept climbing into her cage.

The kids love "Fox in Sock by Dr. Suess"

Joryn just being cute.

Daddy let Joryn play with Moon sand and regretted it.

Uncle Chicken dancing or kicking a football, you guess!

Playing at Em & Steve's house

Playing 500 with family.

Lil sis is a butterfinger.

Auntie Em takes Kennon for a spin.

More 500!

Waiting for the fireworks in Pleasent View.

Playing Bocchi Ball


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ok! Ok! Ok!

Hello People,
Here is the overdue update. Joryn has moved into a big girl bed. And she goes to bed well, until we shut the door then a few tears later and she's OUT! Joryn has moved into the terrible two category 2 months early. She knows how to get into everything. Taryn has been doing good keeping Joryn and herself busy. She is a very good mother. This summer seems like we are going to do a lot of fun things. I just hope everything will work out so we can do it all.
Joryn and Taryn went to the Zoo with her friend Marie and her son Ethan. As you can see in the pictures below, she had a blast. It has been so fun to see Joryn grow and develop into the smart little girl she is. Even though she has a firecracker for a temper. She makes us laugh daily, and mostly hourly. I hope that our family knows that we love you and appreciate you all being in our lives. I will post soon with more pictures.

Jeff, Taryn, and Joryn

p.s. A recent study shows the danger in blogging addiction, not only to posters but also to readers.

Joryn in her big girl bed.

Box + Blanket = Hours of Fun.

Big Girl Bed.

"Hey take my baby."

Completely Clean & Dry.

Train Ride at the Zoo

Loves Dip N, Dots!

Lazy Leopard

Friday, March 27, 2009

Anti-snow update

Hello all,

I am updating about our little family. Taryn and Joryn are doing well. Joryn is talking so much more than ever. She was dancing around the front room last night we don’t know where she learned those moves but, wow!!! We were surprised to see her moving her hips and arms like that. Taryn has nurtured Joryn so well that she is blooming ever so fast into a smart capable girl. Every day that goes by I never fail to be floored by things she picks up from us. Taryn supports me with all I do. I appreciate the sacrifice she gives daily to keep this house a home. Our home, where at the end of the day I get to enjoy the comfort and love from my two girls. I, myself am in-between looking for a new job and doing some side work to make up for the slow economy. I have a few opportunities in the mix. I am just waiting for some of them to span out. I came to a profound revelation yesterday.

Life has so many different paths to take. There are the ones which are paved, with flowers and trees along the way. Then there are those paths which are muddy, steep, and follows along the edges of cliffs. The simple path seems like it is the most desired. Along this it is beautiful and you feel like you just can’t go wrong so you take your time. Then suddenly your path gets rough and rocky. Soon you discover it is muddy and steep like the other path began. What happens is you are not ready for this hardship. You struggle, push, and fight to keep the same pace but you begin to slow. Then you stop.

Now while the others are stopped at the rough part of the simple path. The ones that took the difficult path started out moving slow. Yard by yard, mile by mile and after a short time they begin to broaden their pace and move faster. Soon they reach the top where both paths join to a wide ever more beautiful path. Now having the new path and their stronger pace, the time it takes to reach the end goal is less than the others. Then later found there is an abundance of rewards and appreciation for the effort sacrificed early on. I have a deep desire to be successful in life. Yet it seems like I want the reward without the effort put forth in advance. Some people that have abundance without the work are lucky, yet it seems to me that they have ever more demons than most. I will keep fighting and pushing along until I can reach the goals I have set.

We do want to say that we are so grateful for our families (both sides of course). Thank you for being there. We appreciate all the support and love from you all. If we didn’t have such a wonderful family I think our lives would be empty. I meet people every day that don’t have anyone except themselves. Even though they show that they are happy. There is something that is still missing.

In conclusion, we look forward to another wonderful spring, summer, and fall. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind. Thank for the kind comments left.

The Sawyer’s